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What kind of services or products required to clean contaminated water differs depending on water quality, based on what the water contains and what quality is required on the water when discharged. Water containing oil requires other filters than water containing heavy metals. Water to be released into the sea needs a different type of purification than drinking water. By visiting you, we can assess what you need for equipment.

Our purification plants are modularly built with standard products, which enables the system to be expanded if necessary. We both sell and rent facilities, depending on your needs!

Practice Areas

Stormwater treatment against oil and metals
Process water treatment
Sorbtech care about nature

Process Water

  • We treat process water at eg groundwater cuts and at the entrance to the building
  • Our system offers the possibility to install everything from oil filters to bark filters
  • Flexible delivery and service across Sweden

Environmental Consulting

  • We investigate, prevent and remedy your water-related problems
  • We can conduct a sampling, analysis and recommendation in managing the aquatic environment
  • We can act in support of your disputes regarding water environment

Stormwater Treatment

  • Complete your oil separator with a well-absorbed recovery tool
  • Handles residual water in accordance with the new Water Conservation Directive from 2015
  • Rental according to your needs


You can contact us by mail or phone:


Phone: +46(0)73 23 83 71

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Frendo Kungälv

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                      Gustavssons Buss

                      Holmgrens Jönköping

                      Elfcon AB


Sorbtech Solution AB

Bilgatan 3A

S 442 40 Kungälv


OBS Ny adress fom.


+46 (0)723 23 83 71


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